Influencer Eska, everything you need to know.

As requested for a long time by its users, Eska has finally integrated into its version of February 24, 2022, the possibility of becoming an influencer and earning income from all the people invited to join the network. Remember to update your application if you do not have the latest version.

What is an influencer on Eska?

Anyone who has a professional account (or a Teacher account) on Eska can become an influencer. To do this, you just need to invite at least 25 teachers to use the application. It’s not just about getting the app downloaded by a third party, you need to get the person invited to use your referral code to indicate that they have been invited by you.

Obtain a professional account.

Obtaining a professional account or teacher account on Eska is simple, you just need to set up a withdrawal account, that is to say, an account on which you will receive your payments. Setting up a business account is for Eska to prove that you have an electronic payment account to which you have access. This is done by paying the amount of $1.9 by the means available in your area (Credit Card or Mobile Payment). The means used will be kept as your withdrawal account. This verification payment will be deposited into your Eska balance, so you can collect it on your first withdrawal. This is basically a verification operation to ensure your safety

Use of a referral code.

Once you have access to your professional account on Eska, the operations menu allows you to see your sponsor code on the right button. It is this 4-character code. The middle button shows you your rate on payment as a teacher. The On-Pay Rate (TSP) is the percentage you earn each time a parent pays your follow-up bill. This rate is initially at 55% and increases by 1% each time your referral code is used. The person who uses your code also receives 1% more on their TSP. It is therefore all good for you 2. However, your TSP cannot exceed 60%. When you have reached 60% TSP, the following uses of your code allow you to become an influencer when it has been used at least 25 times.

What an influencer earns on Eska.

As we have already explained, to become an influencer, you must have an active pro account and sponsor at least 25 people through the use of your code by them.

You win then

5% of the turnover made by your referrals if you have reached 25 in less than 15 days

3% if you reach 25 between 15 and 28 days

1% if you have reached 25 beyond 28 days

The speed at which you invite and refer is a critical factor in your future earnings. You will benefit from the turnover made by your referrals only from the moment you have reached the status of influencer.

Cash-out your money.

The recovery of winnings is done by transfer triggered automatically by Eska to your withdrawal account; hence the need to set up a withdrawal account. This transfer is done at the end of the month if you have reached the minimum required. The automatic withdrawal operation appears in your operations menu, the same menu that also presents your earnings as a teacher or influencer.

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