Eska Rush 2023, Up to 100,000F to be won for any teacher who invites 10 parents

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Eska is a mobile application whose use improves the school performance of children.

On Eska, parents pay teachers to have detailed daily reports of their children

The teacher downloads the Eska app, creates his account, configures his classes, and subjects, and sets his monthly monitoring cost.

All that remains is to accept the invitations of the parents of students who request it, a return notification is sent to the parent who pays the cost of the monthly follow-up set freely by the teacher requested in his subject and the follow-up can start!

The promotion continues at Eska Cameroon, Eska Rush 2023 is an opportunity for all Cameroonian teachers to earn 100,000 FCFA by doing something straightforward, enrolling parents.

The Eska Rush 2023 principle in Cameroon

For this edition we will make 5 winners, the pot amounts to 100,000 CFA francs for a goal of 10 parents to enroll on the Eska mobile app. Any teacher who downloads the Eska app and creates their classrooms automatically receives a top-up of 100,000 CFA francs in their account, but this money is only accessible if you manage to do so within a week from the launch date.

Each time there is a winner, the balance of the prize pool is debited by half and you compete for the rest within a week and so on.

Indeed, the 1st teacher to enroll (accept invitations) 10 parents after 1 week wins the pot of 100,000F.

To determine the 2nd winner of the Rush, the counter is halved, the kitty displays 50,000F among the rest of the competitors, and the Rush is relaunched for 1 week, so on January 21, the 1st teacher to enroll 10 parents wins 50,000F

The 3rd winner is detected on February 04 and wins 25,000F

The 4th winner is detected on February 11 and wins 15,000F

The 5th winner is detected on February 18 and wins 10,000F It should be noted that this gain is a bonus on the monthly income that you earn on the Eska app (The amount of the monthly monitoring cost that you also set freely).

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