Eska made simple for teachers.

This is arguably the best alternative to rehearsal classes to earn extra income. Eska has been designed to adapt to all teachers, whether those of literary or scientific subjects. To make things perfect, selling your services on Eska doesn’t require any permission from your school. Indeed, it is an independent exchange between the teacher and the parent of the student who wishes it..

Earn substantial extra income… with style.

On Eska, the teacher offers the customed follow-up service to the students who have requested it. To solicit you, you must first configure the cost at which you charge your service. An invitation is sent by the parent of the student who requests you and you accept it. Once this is done, an invoice is sent to the parent, he must pay it online (Bank card or mobile payment) and you receive this payment directly on your Eska account. You, therefore, have, for a month, the responsibility of following the student and reporting to the parent by providing the information on the application. By multiplying the number of students to whom you offer this service, you can achieve more than substantial income. Students are free to subscribe to your customed follow-up offer (moreover, it is their parents who invite you), and you are not accountable to the school for this.

The customed follow-up of the student on Eska in a practical way.

It is a simple service that will amaze and reassure the parent. This consists of:

  • Give the student’s disciplinary report during your lesson (Presence, Punctuality, attitude, etc.)
  • Send assignments to your students registered in the service, mark their answers, and send them corrections
  • Fill in their exam scores

The disciplinary report is done in 10 seconds for a student, by filling out a hyper-simplified form.

Sending assignments is like sending an email or WhatsApp message. You fill in a title and an objective, then film the statement and send it all. The student’s parent immediately receives notification that an assignment has been submitted for their child’s attention. The student works and uses his parent’s phone to send back what he has done. Once the students’ answers have been received, you can assess them by giving a star rating. Finally, you can submit a fix.

To fill in the exam scores, it’s simple, you go to your class and choose Grade from the menu, you put everyone’s scores and submit them. Here too the parent is directly informed.

Getting started on Eska is done in 2 minutes

The application is simple and intuitive once you understand the principle. All you have to do is download and install, then go to the My Classes tab at the bottom of the screen. From this tab, the + button will allow you to create a virtual version of the classes where you teach. You can create as many as you have. During this creation, you will then have to specify, among other things:

  • The name of your establishment
  • The class you teach
  • Specialties
  • The subject you teach
  • The monthly cost of your service

Fill in the school and class correctly. This information will be used to find you when the parent wants to invite you.

Once your class is created, you can receive invitations from parents. All you have to do is accept and from that moment you will be in a relationship and will be able to provide the service.

How are the parents doing in all of this?

The role of the parents is to send you the invitation and pay for your service. The parent needs to install the app and follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the information of your child’s class (school, class, specialties, etc.)
  2. Invite the teacher of their choice by clicking the Invite button. It is during the invitation that the parent specifies the subject in which he wishes to have a detailed follow-up of his child. If the student’s class and subject match the information you provided, you receive the parent’s request and accept it. He receives in return the notification saying that you have accepted his invitation, as well as your invoice.


Eska is an application that allows teachers to offer a customed follow-up to willing students. It gives parents a quantified view of the child’s journey in and out of school.As far as school performance is concerned, it is you teachers who are responsible for providing it on a daily basis against an amount that you decide freely.

The application is free and downloadable at

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