Custom follow-up of children on Eska

As a responsible parent, you have entrusted your children’s education to a school by paying the required tuition fees. It is a substantial investment that you must follow closely. However, the school’s mission is to provide lessons and evaluate your children. The concern for success remains your concern, and because a good follow-up requires access to detailed information, the Eska application brings you this visibility which will allow you to know everything about your child in real-time, and predict his chances of success, as well as the risks which he is exposed to.

Eska, free assessment of the quality of your child’s school year.

On Eska, you add your child’s profile in 2 minutes and obtain a qualitative evaluation of this profile in the hours that follow. So you the parent will be able to see as a percentage:

  • The quality of the child’s profile,
  • The quality of the school environment,
  • The assessment of the daily conditions of the child.

After some time, he may see a measure of parental attention appear, and finally an assessment of the risks to which the child is exposed (early pregnancy, alcohol, drug consumption, violence, and pornography).
These assessments become more accurate over time, especially with the contribution of teachers who provide information on school performance.

Connection with teachers for custom follow-up.

In order to get information about your child’s daily progress in school, the Eska app allows you to hire the teacher to do the following things:

  1. Fill in the discipline detailed in his course (Presence, punctuality, attitude)
  2. Give homework, correct it, and evaluate the answers
  3. Fill in the evaluation scores

This information is presented to you in the application in figures and summarized way so that at a glance you have a clear idea of your child’s school health.

With the school data thus obtained, Eska’s artificial intelligence will combine everything to give you more precision, your child’s chances of success, and an even better risk assessment. You will thus have maximum visibility of his life at school and outside.

The connection with your child’s teachers is done subject by subject, for the simple reason that it is each teacher who fills in the data concerning their lessons. This is the custom follow-up, and it is up to you to invite the teacher to do it.

Invite the teacher to provide you with the custom follow-up

The custom follow-up of your child consists in giving you for each subject:

  1. His discipline in each class (presence, punctuality, attitude)
  2. Give homework, correct and evaluate answers
  3. Fill in the evaluation scores

This service is billed by the teacher, and it is you, the parent, who requests this by invitation. After having informed the school and the classroom of your child, you click on the Invite button and choose the subject for which you request the follow-up. The teacher then receives your invitation and accepts it. In return, you receive his monthly invoice and you can pay it online by bank card or mobile payment.

After payment, your child appears in the list of students of the requested teacher, and this teacher can then fill in the information each day. You will receive a notification for any information.


Eska is an application whose use improves children’s school performance. It gives you a figure view of the child’s journey in and out of school. Eska relies on an artificial intelligence that analyzes the student’s environmental data and crosses it with his school performance to predict his chances of success and assess the risks to which he is potentially exposed: Alcohol, Drugs, Pregnancy, etc.

School services are provided by your child’s teachers as part of a custom follow-up. It is you, the parent, who chooses the subjects for which you wish to be followed up and who invites each of these teachers. When the teacher accepts your request, you pay for the requested fee and he can deliver the service.

The Eska application is free and downloadable from